Insurance: Accelerated

Automate and innovate through the digital transformation of insurance.

Insurance: Accelerated Paul 6 April 2023

Build custom tools and systems at pace with low-code. Systems iO helps clients in the insurance industry streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and offer a more personalised and seamless experience to their customers.

Low-code for insurance means...





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    Tysers Tconnect broking platform has been shortlisted for the Operational Innovation of the Year award at Insurance Insider Honours 2023. Systems iO is thrilled to have played a part in building the Tconnect platform for Tysers, a leading international Lloyd’s broker. Tconnect is a platform designed to harness the power of OutSystems low-code technology to provide brokers with an...

Insurance and digital transformation

The pace of change and impact of digital on insurance can be daunting but the benefits in terms of customer experience, shortening of the distribution chain, data insights and new revenue opportunities are compelling.

Build Your Own Broking or Underwriting Workbench

Systems iO can build custom workbenches for both broking and underwriting tasks. Manage complex workflows across multiple markets and multiple counterparties.

Future-Proof Your Core Admin Systems

There is great need for efficiencies for core administration tasks, but these are often held back by legacy systems and processes. Systems iO's low-code development allows clients to build custom applications for these tasks, streamlining operations and improving overall efficiency.

Manage Claims and Policies in Real-Time

Build custom applications for managing claims and policies in the moment, and provide a more seamless experience for customers improving their satisfaction and loyalty.

Leverage Real-Time Data & Competitively Priced Personalised Ratings

Build custom applications for real-time ratings that take into account a variety of factors such as age, location or driving history. Turn IoT data streams into your competitive advantage.

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