Transforming Insurance Broking with Tconnect: Operating Innovation Angus Kennedy 2 August 2023

Transforming Insurance Broking with Tconnect: Operating Innovation

Tysers Tconnect broking platform has been shortlisted for the Operational Innovation of the Year award at Insurance Insider Honours 2023. Systems iO is thrilled to have played a part in building the Tconnect platform for Tysers, a leading international Lloyd’s broker.

Tconnect is a platform designed to harness the power of OutSystems low-code technology to provide brokers with an intuitive and agile tool to support the placing process. Tconnect consolidates critical operations into a unified ecosystem, offering digital policy administration, data reuse and document generation, compliance checks, extensive workflow capability, reporting and real-time data analytics: a new level of efficiency and innovation in brokerage operations. 

Through handling risk placement by type (fac & direct, treaty, delegated authority) rather than class of business, Tconnect breaks down internal silos and standardises on simple processes, making them repeatable. For insurance brokers looking for operational innovation, Tconnect offers enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced risk. Tconnect provides a digital link or bridge between front- and back-office teams resulting in much more efficient and accurate processing. The average time to process customer queries, for example, has fallen by 60 percent.

Tconnect is enabling Tysers to future-proof their operations, streamline complex processes, and adapt to emerging market trends towards increased digitisation effortlessly. Digital innovation is core to transformation in the London market as it makes the leap from documents to data.

As Tconnect is nominated for the award, Systems iO is grateful for the opportunity to play a part in building the platform. Systems iO is excited to build on this success, pushing boundaries and pioneering products that have real impact on business operations and help provide modern risk transfer services for a digital insurance market.

Steve Jolley, Tysers CIO said, ‘Tysers is proud to be nominated for such a prestigious award. Our development partners, Systems iO, have been with us on the Tconnect journey from the very beginning and putting it frankly we would not have developed such a feature rich, modern, digital first platform leveraging the low code OutSystems platform without them. Their skillsets enabled us to design, architect and move quickly through the development stages to produce a full end to end risk management platform in a fraction of the time it takes to buy something off the shelf. Thank you, Systems iO. Fingers crossed on the award!’

Why Systems iO? The success of Tconnect was fuelled by Systems iO’s expertise and dedication, as well as the power of OutSystems’ low-code technology. Systems iO brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to every project. Leveraging low-code technology allowed them to develop and refine Tconnect rapidly, ensuring a seamless user experience and faster time-to-market. Systems iO has an unwavering commitment to empowering our clients with cutting-edge technology.