FinTech: Accelerated

Build better eCommerce and digital experiences through sales & loyalty software, enhanced customer service or chatbots.

FinTech: Accelerated Angus Kennedy 6 April 2023

Truly put your customer first by improving your online presence, creating better digital touchpoints and payment opportunities, whilst automating key tasks to increase your operational efficiencies and lower your bottom line.

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Boost Your Retail Exposure Through eComm

Build custom eCommerce platforms that are tailored to your specific needs. Create personalised product recommendations, integrate multiple payment vendors, or enable integrated shipping solutions.

Create Meaningful Experiences

Give your customers a personalised shopping experience. Low-code can be used to build interactive product pages, virtual try-on tools and immersive brand experiences to drive sales.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Reward customers for their loyalty and encourage repeat business. Use points, discounts or other perks to incentivise return customers. We can build and maintain custom loyalty programs that are tailored to your needs.

Understand Your Customer

Understand Your Customer: Gather data on your customer behaviour and preferences and use it to create enhanced marketing and sales strategies.

Build Better Customer Services Portals

Provide customer support, answer frequently asked questions and assist customers with online purchases. Use chatbots and machine learning to boost your customer experience and reduce the workload of your customers and customer service teams.

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