Analysis and Testing

Power your requirements capture and elaboration as well as building quality assurance into the development lifecycle with our full-service analysis and testing services.

Analysis and Testing Angus Kennedy 6 April 2023

At the beginning of the build process it’s vital to gather requirements and design your to-be processes: these are then translated into epics, features, and detailed user stories which feed into the development backlog.

We have skilled business analysts who can take this on for you.

All those user stories have to be tested of course and we can help again with quality assurance analysts to design and execute test cases across the application as well as building automated test cases for future regression testing.





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Quality is built in

Regardless of the complexity or scale of your project, our software development life cycle involves careful analysis and testing at every stage. From requirements gathering and gap analysis to test automation, we can fit into your digital projects to ensure you achieve accelerated and seamless time-to-market and quicker ROI.



  • Requirements gathering, vision and ideation
  • User needs and expectations
  • Challenges and shortfalls of current systems
  • Integration issues


  • Quality and User Acceptance Testing
  • Automated testing
  • Usability and performance testing

Our process


Understand business objectives and design to-be processes to match the key user journeys. Vision workshops and detailed requirements gathering to feed the first sprint.

Develop and iterate

Cycle through sprints supported by continuous elaboration of user stories in business analyst sprints interwoven with continuous testing and feedback. Optimisation of delivery of business value by priority.


End to end testing of user journeys to prove out real business scenarios. First release and live production tuning and enhancements. Analysis and development of change requests.


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