Banking: Accelerated

Become a digital leader in the transformation of financial services. Integrate easily, upgrade systems architecture and replace legacy systems with Systems iO.

Banking: Accelerated Paul 6 April 2023

Low-code enables development and innovation at speed, giving banks the ability to build business-critical functionality and services in a fast-paced, secure and compliant manner. From high-street banks to fintech startups, meet the digital needs of the ever evolving financial sector and exceed your customer demands, now.

Low-code for banks means...







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  • Banking’s Growing Pains: The Dead Weight of Legacy Technology
    In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, banks burdened by legacy systems and infrastructure find themselves in a web of challenges. Antiquated systems, originally designed with a specific purpose in mind, are proving inflexible and ill-suited to the needs of the modern banking industry. Their lack of adaptability stifles innovation, making...

Customer Self-service

Reduce customer and internal workload and improve the overall customer experience. Create custom, user-friendly, self-service portals for customers. This can include online banking platforms, mobile apps, loan application portals or chatbots that can assist with basic customer inquiries.

Operations Automation

Automate core banking operations, such as account management, fraud detection and compliance. Create custom automated processes and streamline operations to free up employees’ time to focus on other tasks.

Legacy Modernisation

Save money and improve the overall efficiency of operations. Many banks have outdated systems and processes that are costly and time-consuming to maintain. Use Systems iO to help modernise these legacy systems, making them more efficient and easier to use.

Application Modernisation

Update and improve existing applications. Add new features, improve user experience or simply make the application more efficient.

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