Engineering and Legacy Integration

Empower your organisation to reach new heights by expertly integrating our cutting-edge software solutions with your current systems.

Engineering and Legacy Integration Angus Kennedy 6 April 2023

One of the major drags on agility and a blocker to investment and change is the weight of technical debt in organisations.

 It can be very expensive, or even impossible in the case of some legacy systems, to integrate new systems with existing data sources and platforms. We can help.





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APIs, message queues, database integration, and RPA

All our development work takes an API-first approach which means new applications can be integrated more easily into your existing ecosystem. We have extensive skills in building APIs both in low and high code approaches such as .NET and Java Spark. Also in wrapping legacy platforms in new front ends with modern UIs and supporting business logic and orchestration. In cases where API-integration is not possible we deploy office automation and RPA to bridge the gap.


Avoid the weight of technical debt

Quickly integrate through APIs or direct database integration to legacy so you can continue to use it as a processing engine and data store while benefiting from a modern UI and workflows.


Joined-up processes and data flows

Leverage the ability to easily connect disparate systems and data models together to enable user journeys to connect all the way across the business from customer contact portals through to mid and back office processes and systems.

Our process

Typically we approach integration challenges in the following way…

Gap Analysis

Where are touch points and handoffs required between processes and data flows? Exactly what events and which data must be integrated? What integration exists and what is possible for current systems?

Integration strategy

How are the gaps going to be bridged? Can APIs be built? Must integration be immediate, or asynchronous or even overnight? Should data be shared at the database level or over message queues or replayed through RPA?

Implementation and test

Design and agree the approach to integration testing. Design and build the integration stepwise and test before incrementally moving forward.


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