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About us Angus Kennedy 6 February 2020

We bring impactful applications to life at scale with technical prowess, a composable business mindset, and high-performance low-code.









Where we started

Systems iO was founded in 2019 as the only company specialising in OutSystems development for the London speciality insurance market. Since then, we have branched out to develop software for other industry verticals and into other low-code automation technologies such as UIPath and Power Automate.

Systems iO specialises in technological innovation at pace, with a composable business mindset. We want to help you prepare for the future of business—a future where things are changing often and changing quickly. One where you can stay ahead by being flexible and agile enough to change with it.


OutSystems Delivery and Sales Partner

OutSystems is the most powerful low-code platform in the world, fully built from the ground up for high performance. Transforming how enterprise software is delivered, it is the leading low-code platform of choice with thousands of active customers across the globe enjoying the benefits of faster development times, greater adaptability, and dynamic scalability.

Using the leading low-code platforms, we enable our clients to provision adaptable and scalable enterprise-grade apps up to six times faster.

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We specialise in innovation at speed

Our founders combine expert knowledge of the insurance market with long careers in software development and information technology.​ We can resource entire projects with our architects, tech leads, developers, infrastructure engineers, and business analysts. Systems iO equally can build solutions alongside internal teams and deliver knowledge transfer until they are self-sufficient.

Transform your business with digital solutions built with the most complete high-performance low-code platform by a team that specialises in agility and innovation at speed.

Our values

Our desire is to create beautiful software. By that we mean software that is…

Excellent in form

Pixel-perfect designs and architecture that fits your organisation and process.

Flawless in function

Expertly designed and rigorously tested software to do exactly what is required.

Lacking in nothing

Thorough business analysis and architecture as well as hard won experience ensures everything you need is thought of.

Built to last

We develop with simplicity in mind to reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance: less complexity means fewer changes in production.


Staff Quotes

Our team

Meet the people behind the code.

Angus Kennedy
Angus Kennedy
Founder/Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Jones
Founder/Chief Operating Officer
Werner Jansen Van Rensburg
Werner Jansen Van Rensburg
Director of OutSystems Development
Kevin Du Pont
Kevin Du Pont
Senior OutSystems Developer
Untitled design (3)
Matthew Stokes
OutSystems Architect
Andre Groenewald
Senior Business Analyst
Nicholas Cambell
Nicholas Campbell
Senior OutSystems Developer
Untitled design
Megan French
SCRUM Master
Untitled design (4)
Johan Jacobs
Senior RPA Developer
Untitled design (5)
Richard Ward
Senior Outsystems Developer
Brendon Du Plessis
Brendon Du Plessis
OutSystems Developer
Juan Oosthuyzen
Juan Oosthuysen
OutSystems Developer
Randall Chetty
Randall Jodache Chetty
OutSystems Developer
Ishmael Malupa
Ishmael Malupa
OutSystems Developer
Janré Meyer
OutSystems Developer
Jakey van Heerden
Business Systems Manager (ZA)
Willem Smit
Willem Smit
UI/UX Designer
Dedré Matthysen
UI/UX Designer
James Graham
OutSystems Developer
Daniela Cornaglia
Daniela Cornaglia
Business Systems Manager (UK)
Daniel Uys
Junior OutSystems Developer
MicrosoftTeams-image (8)
Liam Maeder
Junior OutSystems Developer
MicrosoftTeams-image (15)
luyanda mlala
Junior RPA Developer

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