Re-Writing Legacy

Our client’s legacy mid-office system had accumulated a weight of technical debt over the previous five years which was negatively impacting agility and pace of new functionality being released to the business.

With our help, the client has replaced the legacy system in just three months with a modern application built using OutSystems reactive technology. The new application utilizes over 60 microservices to integrate with the client’s third-party core broking and document management platforms.

The new application provides

  • Broker Pipeline Management – giving brokers visibility of each risk during the placing and administration process
  • Quick Risk Creation – minimal user effort with maximal data integrity
  • Risk Data Capture – a modern UX to handle complex data capture forms
  • Document Generation – integrated with a 3rd party document generation SaaS. This helped return ownership of business templates from the technology team back to the business
  • Email Template Module – systems iO email template module to improve the process and speed of creating and maintaining email templates
  • Single Sign-On – secure user access to the new application from anywhere using their corporate ID and password

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